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    Our analysis and research combined with unique presentation techniques have resulted in an unequaled track record in successful court cases and client recoveries. Our personnel are full time and fully focused on the services we provide. We thoughtfully incorporate technology into our work to provide great results at a more reasonable cost. Our expertise encompasses damages analysis, lost profit studies, business & intangible asset valuations, fraud investigations, statistics, forensic economic analysis, royalty audits, strategic & market assessments, competitive surveys, injury and employment damages, and a wide range of other financial advisory services.
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    School Attended: California State University Degree Received: MBA
    School Attended: Whittier College Degree Received: BA, graduated first in his class
    CPA's, CFA's, ASA's, PhD's and MBA's in Accounting, Finance, Economics, & related subjects
    Expert Witness Experience
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    Previous Positions & Appointments
    Prior to forming Fulcrum, Mr. Nolte was responsible for the Southern California forensic accounting, valuation, and damage analysis practice for one of the largest international accounting and consulting firms. At the time of his departure, this practice was one of the largest such groups in the western United States. In addition to leading the local group, Mr. Nolte served on the firm-wide steering committees for the litigation consulting and bankruptcy/troubled company consulting service lines.

    Prior to working as a financial consultant, Mr. Nolte performed commercial audits for large publicly traded and private companies, and served as the overall audit partner for such services. He also performed tax, business management and accounting work for smaller companies for approximately two years.

    Mr. Nolte taught upper division accounting and auditing classes as an Adjunct Professor at Whittier College from 1981 to 1986.


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